Wedding Cake Decorations.

IMG_3292-12 IMG_3285-10 IMG_3290-11

I was invited to help decorate the wedding cake for my son and daughter-in-law, but as we live hundreds of miles away, and the cake was to be made at the last minute, it seemed a tricky project. The best I could suggest was that I would make some flowers that could simply be placed on top of a pre-iced cake on the morning of the wedding.

Researching on the internet I found inspiration from Cakes & Sugarcraft Magazine which has free tutorials for some beautiful cakes.

Starting with roses, which I have made before, I made some small rosebuds and some larger roses. The wedding theme colour was purple, but I decided to keep everything pale and subtle so that it would all blend together nicely, plus it’s really hard to get a nice shade of purple food colouring.

IMG_3253-2 IMG_3254-3


Rose leaves tinted, wired and assembled into sprigs ready for the bouquets.


Rose buds assembled and wired.

White myrtle flowers symbolise happy marriage and are traditionally included in Royal wedding bouquets, so I made some sprigs of myrtle flowers with buds and leaves.

IMG_3255-4 IMG_3252-1


Myrtle flowers, buds and leaves assembled and wired.

After experimenting with some carnations, they were rejected as being too big and heavy, so instead I made some bunches of tiny purple flowers, based on individual lilac flowers and wired them into small bunches.


Tiny lilac buds and flowers were wired into small bunches.

And finally, I needed some more greenery, so I made some ivy leaves and wired them into sprays. It was really hard to get the colour right, so I used green coloured icing,  painted over it with darker green, and finally a dusting of green powder colouring.


Ivy leaves, wired into sprigs.


Flowers ready for assembling into bouquets. The carnations didn’t make the final arrangements!

I assembled three posies, one for each tier of the cake; a small pale coloured one for the top, a darker one for the middles, and largest and darkest coloured for the bottom layer.

The Mother-of-the-Bride made all the cakes, the Bride iced them beautifully with sugarpaste and added a purple ribbon around the base of each cake. The flower bouquets sat on top.

The cake looked beautiful on the day, a big success for all the team involved!


The cake assembled.


The cake, served!


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