Beautiful Croatia.

I’m torn between telling you about this hidden gem of a place, and keeping it secret, all to myself.

The little town sits around a busy harbour, where luxury yachts berth overnight, their crews partying into the small hours. Summer festivals rock the nights with live bands, and barbeque stalls lining the quayside. A labyrinth of narrow alleyways winds between pebble beaches where visitors lie baking in the sun, and the harbour, where bars, restaurants and shops vie for customers seeking to escape the heat of the day.


Since ancient times, the locals here have thrived as fishermen, and wine produced in the area has been famous for thousands of years. Today you can still eat lobster, octopus salad, and tuna washed down with local red or white wine in any of the waterfront restaurants.

It is bustling yet serene, thriving yet unspoilt, dynamic yet peaceful, chilled-out and relaxed. Beautiful Croatia.

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Croatia.

  1. Wow. This place sounds like the idealistic fairytale. One of my goals next year is to travel. This sounds like an amazing place. May have to put it on my bucket list


  2. I never thought of visiting Croatia. You paint it so serene, not like the war stories I get from the media. I never thought to visit Transylvania either but I did this summer and it was wonderful. You might want to check it out. People and places are welcoming there.


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