Spring in Zurich

9A7A1916-15It was a beautiful spring day in Zurich yesterday, so I took the camera for a walk, and climbed to the top of the Grossmünster tower for some great views over the city.  This is the Grossmunster viewed from Stadhausquai.

9A7A1924-19 Looking down at the Stadt Haus, The Fraumünster and the Münsterbrücke.9A7A1925-20Reflections in the Limmat, and three church towers; The Fraumünster, St Peter’s Church (which has the largest clock face in Europe, 8.7m) and the Augustinerkirche.

9A7A1943-27 Boats moored on the Limmat, and the Quaibrücke beyond.9A7A1941-259A7A1942-26 9A7A1926-219A7A1934-22The two towers of the Grossmünstser were  built between 1487 and 1492 and originally had high wooden steeples. In 1781, they were destroyed by fire and replaced with these neo-Gothic tops . Richard Wagner is known to have mocked the church’s appearance as that of two pepper dispensers.  A pair of birds were trying to build their nest inside this tower, but the sticks they were carrying wouldn’t fit through the small opening.  They kept on trying then one had the bright idea of turning the stick longways. Holding the stick with one foot, the bird  gradually moved it along until it could reach the end with it’s beak.  Unfortunately, it then dropped the stick and had to start again!

9A7A1944-289A7A1923-189A7A1940-249A7A1899-4The Grossmünster from Lake Zurich.9A7A1906-7Pedaleau on the Zurichsee, waiting for some warmer weather.


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