Braunwald, Switzerland.

When the sun shines in the mountains it is hard to avoid wonderful views, and the tiny resort of Braunwald in the Canton of Glarus, must boast some of the best views anywhere. To the south, the Tödi and Clariden mountains dominate the skyline. Looking down into the valley from over 1200m, the town of Linthal below is mapped out spectacularly at the foot of the mountains. There is no access to the village by car, and it can only be reached by funicular railway so if you don’t want to hike, ski, toboggan, or langlauf, you can explore in a horse drawn sleigh, wrapped up warmly in cosy rugs. It is also popular with mountain bikers, both summer and winter, when they carry their skis on their backs. Whatever time of year you choose to visit Braunwald, be prepared, the views are just stunning.


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