Hiking in Toggenburg.

Close your eyes, if you will, and imagine yourself in Switzerland. What do you see?

Snow capped mountains soaring above impossibly green meadows where dun cows chew lazily on sweet grass. A chorus of bells chiming out over the valley, the cow flicks her tail and takes another bite. A wood-shingled house, window boxes festooned with flowers, is perched on the steep mountain slope, the elegant slant of its roof providing shelter from inclement weather for farm machinery as well as animals. An elderly man stands in a car park, filling the valley with the deep echoing melody of his Alpenhorn.

Toggenburg is one of the most beautiful areas of north-east Switzerland and is everything you had ever imagined.

A dragons spine of peaks runs along one side of the valley, the highest of which is Santis rising over 2,500m, and the Churfirsten mountains, equally beautiful, along the other side. The alpine meadow is green and lush in mid September, still bursting with flora and fauna, and today the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

Switzerland. It’s just so Swiss.


Blogging 101: Dream Reader

Day 4

Today’s Assignment: publish a post for your dream reader.


5 thoughts on “Hiking in Toggenburg.

  1. I am your dream reader when the post is about hiking. But I have to say I didn’t find the hike in this post. Your photos are interesting. Could you weave them into the text? It would be more meaningful. Like the dun cow photo could be inserted next to the sentences about her, and the man with the horn, could be with that text. Just an idea. You can have a gallery in addition, I like that in your post, too. I still want to “hike with you” in Switzerland, like I am spending the day with you.
    Here is a hiking story on my blog that puts photos alongside the text. I could make the story more active, less descriptive, but it was assigned to be a quick free write. I don’t like to post free writes that are unedited. Happy Trails! Kay


    1. Hi Kay, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your comments. If you like hiking stories, there are more on my site, including
      (I hope those links are working!)
      Nice post on your solitude-together-hike too!
      Happy Hiking. RW


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