Blogging 101: Say “Hi!” to the Neighbours.

Day 3

Today’s assignment, follow five new topics and five new blogs.


There is an amazing variety of stuff out there in the Blogosphere. People are writing about their thoughts and opinions, their travels and adventures, posting photographs, telling stories.  The more you look for stuff, the more interesting stuff there is to find.

So I would like to take a moment to say “Hi!” to Tumbleweeding; great photos, crafty crafts and happy socks.

“Hello” to Photo Nature Blog, which is what it says on the box; beautiful photos of our beautiful world.

“Greetings” to Darwin On The Rocks (And Around The World) whose wonderful photos have made me really want to visit Iceland!

“Good Morning” to A Traveller’s Tale; your great adventures remind me I also have a lot of adventures that need to be written about .

“Howdy” to Spicy Road; what could be better than Food and Travel around the world, it’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

And of course “Hi!” to everyone else out there.


Meanwhile, here are a few photos I took recently – random I know, but this is what I was planning to post today before Blogging 101.



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