Blogging 101: Introduce yourself

Day 1

who I am and why I’m here.


If you want to write, you have to write. Right?

As the clock ticked over from 2013 to 2014 I resolved to do more writing, and to find out if I was capable of mastering the art of blogging.

Many bloggers arrive at this point with a clear idea of their subject matter. Travel; cookery; photography; crafts or sports, but as my interests include all these things, it seemed a good idea to try putting everything together in one blog.

As an anxious first time blogger, I am torn between publishing posts that are interesting enough for readers to follow, and maintaining a degree of anonymity and privacy. It’s a fine balance, and I try to err on the side of caution.

I’ve recently changed my ‘about’ page to a list of things that interest me. These are the things I’m going to blog about, some may interest you, others may not.

It would be wonderful if someone spotted my talents, bought my photos, paid me to write articles for them. If I manage to blog successfully throughout the next year, I hope at least to have produced something worthwhile and taken a step closer towards writing my dazzling first novel. If all else fails, at least I have learned a new skill; Blogging.



Adventurer, baker, blogger, book reviewer, cook, crafter, cyclist, diver, explorer, fixer, hiker, photographer, reader, runner, mother, sewer, skier, sportswoman, swimmer, traveller, wife, writer.

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