Schaffhausen, Switzerland


The medieval town of Schaffhausen sits in a bubble of North-East Switzerland surrounded by Germany. The old town is famous for its 170 oriole bay windows and for the many elaborately painted buildings, constructed by the gothic and baroque guilds and merchants as an indication of their wealth.

Schaffhausen together with the nearby Rheinfall is a tourist hotspot attracting thousands of visitors all year round.

The Old Town

Facades, Frescoes and Oriole Windows.


Fancy Fountains

Above the picturesque town, overlooking the Rhine, sits the fortress of Munot, a circular fortification built between 1564 – 89, which today hosts vineyards on its ramparts, and deer in its moats.

The Munot

A short bus ride away is the Rheinfall, one of Europe’s most spectacular waterfalls which marks the highest landing place on the Rhine, impassable to ships, and flanked on both sides by castles, Schlossli Worth on the north bank and Schloss Laufen on the south bank. From here you can take a tourist boat and climb the tall rock in the centre of the river, or get close to the falls at the Kanseli viewing platform to watch the water crash over the rocks.

The Rheinfall



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