An unexpected 70km. Chasing the Tour de Suisse.

I wasn’t really expecting to be able to join the bike club for a gentle circuit of the lake, but after throwing my bike in the back of the car, I arrived at the meet up point in time for the ride.

It was a beautiful day, and a lovely feeling to be cycling again on my wonderful new bike. As we chatted over our post-ride coffee, it emerged that the Tour de Suisse was passing through Rapperswil in a few hours time, so I jumped at the chance to ride over and watch them fly past.

My planned 20km ride, suddenly became a 72km ride with over 500m of climb, made possible with the help of a donated Power Bar, several water fountains, and the nice lady in the bakery who was aghast at the idea that she might put both cheese and ham into the same sandwich!

Thanks too, to my crazy Ironman friend whose idea it was, who rode with me back to my car, and then continued to cycle another 70km without me.


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