New Years Resolutions.

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Happy New Year!

We are already well into the third week of the new year and I am only just getting around to starting my new year’s resolution. I would like to think that this delay might show my commitment and determination to the project as a long term plan, but it might just be procrastination. I started the diet on the day my visitors left after the holidays, but I still haven’t managed to post anything to my brand new sparkly Blog.

So, I resolved to start a Blog, or website, or something, with the idea that it would help me to do more productive writing. My new year’s plan was to go something like this;

07.00 get up, get family up, have breakfast, send family off to school/work with the appropriate lunch/PE kit/homework/phone/wallet/passport.

08.00 – 09.00 Exercise. 30 mins aerobic exercise, followed by some strength, endurance, flexibility and stretching.

09.00 – 09.30 Shower, dress, make another cup of tea and be seated at the computer ready to write today’s blog.

The first week of the new year was spent catching up after the Christmas holidays. A week’s worth of laundry from our travels, followed by all the sheets, duvet’s and towels I could find. For good measure, and I’m not really sure why, I also decided to wash every blanket I could find in the house. Having taken down the Christmas decorations on the designated twelfth night, there was also a good couple of weeks worth of pine needles, tinsel and dust to see to before the blogging could begin.

I started to research programmes I could use to construct my website for free, and after settling on WordPress took my first steps into my new, virtual world.

To get a feel for how it all works, I dug out some old articles that I wrote for the monthly ex-pat magazine that I edited for three years when we lived in The Philippines, now I had something to ‘post’ on my ‘pages’ ( there is a whole new vocabulary to learn here!)

The photos I wanted to use to illustrate the articles posed more of a problem when the photo library on my computer suddenly refused to launch. A week of ridiculously expensive phone calls to the Apple Support Centre has almost resolved the problem, and a nice new external hard drive with back up copies of everything is now sitting in my desk drawer.


What do I want from my new website? I’m not really sure, but so far it seems to be somewhere I can pull together all the threads of things that interest me into one place; to encourage me to write about my sporting challenges, our family travels, arts and crafts, and I am wondering whether to include book reviews too.

It’s a new skill for me, and so far I have enjoyed learning how to make the site my own, regardless of hours of frustration, creating and deleting pages until everything looks right. I wish it was more artistic and creative, but I still have a lot to learn, and somehow, I think I might have just finished my first ever blog.



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